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No Level 2 with bulk orders?

Hey guys! I’ve had a pretty good year on Fiverr, made way more money than I thought I would. I also now have some really great regular clients that I write articles for. One thing that I find sort of frustrating and silly is that I’m still a Level 1 guy. I realize they have certain amounts that you need to reach, but I can’t believe that bulk orders don’t apply to that. Sure, I’ve had something like 80-100 orders total this year, but more than a few of them were for 50-100 articles at a time. I might have 100 gigs “sold” but I’ve written over 1000 articles. Should I have told the buyer to spread them out in order to reach level 2? I don’t know, just venting really. Thanks for any input.

You should definitely consider asking you buyers to spread the orders. That way you will increase your individual sales and at the same time get more ratings and feedbacks.

Hi @nickwilk, if this continues to be a problem for you, then what I’d suggest is to pick a month to “go for it.” Have buyers split purchases into smaller gigs, advertise like crazy, have friends and family purchase your gigs, do whatever it takes to get your 50 individual sales so that you make level 2. Then once you have, you can resume your normal business model - which sounds like it’s working for you just fine.

Thanks @David388 I think I might have to try that. I’m happy where I am right now. I do turn down a significant amount of gigs, but I’m in this for the long run and don’t want to p

@toxictaz I know that I should do that. I just didn’t want to burden my buyers with excessive orders. For instance, I have a buyer that ordered just under 200 articles this month. I didn’t want to ask him to break them down into multiple orders. Mostly because I want to keep the buying experience as easy for him as possible, in order to assure that he continues to order from me. He’s usually good for a few hundred dollars a month.