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No Level, No Buyers Request. How to get work?


I got demoted to NO LEVEL, cause I had one cancelled order (mutually agreed).
Now there are no Buyers requests available.
Is SEO and making your gig rank high is the only way to get work?
Of course, social media and marketing yourself is another way, but on fiverr there is no other way right?


You will see some buyer requests at zero level but they disappear after a few bids are made. You have to refresh frequently to spot them. I wouldn’t advise using this as your only avenue to finding new clients since they are scarce.

From Customer Support:

"Our Editors carefully review each request and periodically release them to the buyer request area for sellers. You will have to check back every once in awhile for these requests.

The Buyer Request feature is dependent on the buyers. If buyers are not submitting requests to your category, you will receive fewer requests than usual.

Please know that all requests have a limit of 10 unleveled seller offers before they are removed from view. This too has an effect on the number of offers you can see. You will have to check back every once in a while for these requests."


Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that. I’ll keep an eye on that as well.

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