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No links anywhere to submit a support ticket!

Literally no link anywhere.

A support ticket that I had created previously when there was a link… is completely erased.


Would you like to check on requests you have sent or create a new one?

The request I initially filed is completely deleted. The link that used to be at the top of the support page is completely gone. I need them to respond to the original claim, explain why they deleted all of the information and refund my money.

This is ridiculous.

Were you the buyer or the seller?

I was the buyer. I had a support ticket filed… documentation AND screenshots uploaded and they deleted the WHOLE thing.

Try this and see if there are any requests

All original request/files are still gone. I managed to find a way to create a ticket by going through selecting items; albeit unrelated to the issue itself. I was still able to send a message/ticket. I did screen capture this one again however, should they delete everything again.
I called my bank and they have advised me refile and also to contact Attorney General’s office. I will be doing both and filing with any other agency I can find. I’m livid.