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No Logo in Order


I have ordered and paid for a logo. The message with the creator were OK though; but I have never received a logo. Either he has not sent with it, or it was blocked by fiverr. I do not know - you have also experienced something like that?

Since I’ve seen the news that my logo was finished, but there was no logo here. I have also the creator again written and portrayed him. He wanted to send it again, but there is no logo was there …

Reply to @eisbach:

As long as he’s in the maximum time for delivering, I think he’s fine. Do give him another chance before cancelling

The job is already finished - and I still have no logo

Reply to @eisbach:

Try contacting fiverr customer service. I guess that will be better for you.

How i can contact the fiverr customer service ?

Reply to @eisbach: Go to the Contact Support link on the top of the page.


Hi there.

I haven’t heard of files being blocked but even if they were the seller should be responding to your messages and trying to rectify the situation. Almost sounds like the seller faked delivery. Bad, bad seller!

If the deliver failed via the delivery system just ask him to send it via the “chat” as attachment.

If that isnt working your designer is probly holding something back.

Kind regards

The Suport team said, I must again give him 24 hour time. Only then will govern it.

Now I wait