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No Longer Able To View Buyer Usernames (Available Projects)


It is no longer possible to see a Buyer’s user name when submitting an offer to a request on the desktop. It still appears on the mobile app. This puts Sellers using the desk top at a disadvantage by not being able to address the Buyer by “name”
“Hello whoever you are”, here is my offer.


I wonder what the reason is?


It’s also nice to be able to check on the Buyer before submitting an offer. I do notice that we can now pick any of our Gigs to use for the offer. It appears the Buyer Requests is being worked on. Hopefully the names will come back.


I also have noticed in the recent update of the fiverr.


First they removed direct link to profile and now they have removed the user name. Hopefully, they will not remove the avator :wink:


Has it happened to you that you send an offer and when you try to reach the buyer (after looking for their name) in order to see their profile and so… they don’t appear in the “search for users” section? I feel uneasy. I feel the potential buyers I could reach just disappear after I send them an offer. Maybe they don’t like Fiverr.