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No longer fiverr?

Maybe Fiverr should change there name…If there is a mandatory 1$ processing fee there are no Gigs for five dollars…Just my thoughts…What do you think?

It was never Fiverr if you’re going to be specious about processing fees.

I don’t mind and understand there are always administrative fees etc.
It’s still a wonderful platform with affordable services.

Alles klar!

If they raise the base price to $10 it would be more realistic.

Fiverr will always be Fiverr – regardless of the processing fee – because Fiverr is the brand name of the business/website.

Consider this: Facebook started out as a site that connected college students – a strictly college-based social media site, heavily reliant upon photo profiles of their users (hense the name, “Facebook”). They didn’t change their name to “Worldbook” when the site became a social media site for anyone in the world to use. And later, when Fiverr added business pages and started an advertising platform (that brings in most of the site’s profit), they didn’t change their name to “Businessbook”.

Guys, Fiverr is the brand name of this website. They can do whatever they want on their site, offer whatever services that they wish, even change their pricing model… their brand name will still be Fiverr.

Just like Facebook will always be Facebook, no matter what changes Facebook chooses to add to their site.