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No longer receiving Fiverr email alerts when sellers complete gigs and whenever someone writes

Previously, whenever someone wrote to me, I would receive an email alert. Since you changed your website, the email alert you send goes into Junk folder. In Outlook, I tried to “Never block sender” / “Never Block Sender’s Domain” / “Never block this group or domain” but was unable to do so as your email id which sends the alerts is not in an acceptable format for Outlook.

But now, to make matters worse, I am NOT receiving ANY email alerts when someone completes a gig, or when someone writes to me (not even in Junk folder).

This includes when sellers complete a gig - I am NOT receiving ANY email alerts (not even in Junk folder).

PLEASE FIX - this is most irritating.


I am also having this problem. But I am having a problem with not receiving ANY emails from fiverr, including when I need to withdraw my revenues to my hotmail paypal acct. I can’t get the confirmation email at all simply because I have a hotmail acct. And I can’t change my paypal to yahoo or gmail because I have to click the confirmation link in my hotmail paypal email in order to change my paypal email address, so I have been running around in circles for over an hour with this issue, and I am at a complete standstill, not even able to withdraw my revenues until I can receive an email from fiverr at my hotmail acct. ahhh!

Same here, No emails - BUT I do receive the fiverr newsletters ugh…!

I have to log into fiverr just to see if I received an order or any messages.

Here’s a workaround that will work in the meantime while they are trying to fix this bug. Go to your paypal account and in your profile add a new email (I used a gmail) one. You don’t have to make this your primary paypal email, just an extra. Then send in a customer support ticket. It’ll come back asking you saying it sent a verification email if it was the first ticket you’ve ever made. You won’t get this verification email so just respond to the first one saying you didn’t receive it. Then, fiverr will offer to reset your paypal email, you need to give them the paypal email currently associated with your fiverr account (the hotmail/outlook one), the transaction ID of a paypal payment fiverr made to you, the amount of this payment, and the date of the payment. All that can be obtained from your paypal transaction history on the paypal website. Then, fiverr will change the paypal email to the non-hotmail one and you can get your $$$. I just have my gmail forward automatically to my hotmail so I don’t have to check them both. Hope that helps!

Same problem and it’s irritating because I can’t withdraw my funds.

I am having the identical problem. Even worse, when you fill out a customer support ticket for the first time it “sends a verification email” which I didn’t get. Luckily the ticket itself made it through and I replied that I did not receive a confirmation email for the ticket and someone actually looked at it. Their suggestions were not helpful though. “Check your spam folder”, “add fiverr to your contacts”, “let us know a new email to switch to”. I changed my email in my account settings to a gmail one and no luck. I’m not about to set up a new paypal just for fiverr since I can’t link two paypal accounts to one bank account and so I won’t be able to verify it. UGH! So frustrating!!! Everything worked just fine with the old fiverr.

i completely agree with this new fiverr thing being inconvenient. I hope they are listening to the people who they charge 20%.

For now, Hotmail users can switch to the old Fiverr to continue receiving emails.

I always got an email from fiverr. But 2 weeks ago I didn’t get any email alert… just fiverr newsletters. So I lost serveral offers! This is not professional.