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No luck in buyer requests


Guys, I have no luck in buyers request, I am sending all 10 BR daily. ever since no luck, seriously sad :confused:

I am offering most options and also in 5$ no over price, my req. proposel like this- Hello,Buyer. I am a Logo Designer,I will design superb logo with your all requirements,also 3d mockup file for free.

even sending all 10 BR daily no luck so far? How can I improve my gig when I have no buyers :confused:

I also have well managed my gig - https://■■■■■■/ijWcaa


Same here,…1 month has finished since the date i created my gig, yet no order nothing. :confused: moreover, my gig does not display in the search results on fiverr,not even in the new arrivals lists. :disappointed: Don’t know what’s wrong with me :confused:


I will inspire you for $5 … XD


i don’t need to be inspired. I need orders.


every buyer seek for top reviewed gigs, that’s obvious. I don’t understand how will I make my 1st order in this situation.


I will network for you for $20 a gig


Facing same sellers are waiting for there first order but not successful.i dnt know how can new seller survive on fiverr. pensive:


You don’t have to be discouraged or be sad. Most of us are passing through same challenge. All you need is to be persistent. Don’t give up now.


Keep Promoting your gig on social media, do not spam them. I usually give value that relate with my niche, then give out my link. You can also optimize your gig. It would happen sooner than you expect.


You may want to work on your gig wording. There are some glaring issues I see. For instance:

Hello,I’m expert Logo designer.

Instead of starting out with Hello, I’m expert Logo designer. I would have used the Great Results Come with Great Prices

Plus, the first sentence makes no sense at all. I’m expert Logo Designer. While you may not be writing content, you’re still trying to sell yourself. You need to familiarize yourself better with the English language. Instead, the sentence should read something like:

Great Results Come with Great Prices
I’m an experienced Logo Designer who can assist you…

Then, talk about your work qualities.

Just some advice from what I see glaring on your “I will make a Unique Logo Design for you” gig.

Good luck.


It’s not about the quantity. If you’re sending the maximum number of offers every day, then most likely your bidding on random requests and you’re not actually paying attention to the requirements.
You need to send a personalized response to the buyer showing that you have actually understood their request and that you’re able to provide an additional value.

If this is your entire offer then no wonder you don’t get any responses.

  • Simple “Hello” is fine, remove that “buyer” stuff. They know who they are. If they include their name then use that instead.
  • If a buyer is requesting a logo then they already expect you to be a logo designer. You don’t need to waste your characters on restating it. Keep in mind that you have only 800 chars to sell yourself.
  • “I will design superb logo” - have you ever seen a seller saying that they will deliver s*itty logo? Again, waste of characters. Let your portfolio prove that.
  • “logo with your all requirements” - talk about the requirements and explain what makes you the perfect match to meet those requirements. For example, if a buyer requests a vector file then you can mention that you will provide the logo in AI format, where each logo element is on a separate layer etc. Now, it’s just an example so don’t start copying this into all of your responses. It only matters when a buyer asks about it.

When it comes to price, then at the beginning you can try offering some of your services for free. For example, you can offer vector files for free. You’ll do the logo in vector format anyways, so giving out the file for free to get a couple of reviews might not be the worst idea. Once you’re already an established seller you can put it under gig extras.

That being said, I think one of your biggest problems is grammar. If a buyer sees a poorly written response then they are reluctant to hire you because they need to be sure that you can understand their requirements. Unfortunately this is something that you can’t easily fix.
Therefore, while you’re trying to get settled here on Fiverr, I would also recommend looking for local companies who can hire you as a designer.


u r making fun of newbies like us :sob::sob::sob:


No he is trying to make some sales I guess. @charliethepyro You don’t have any gig btw.


I am daily maintaining my gigs to make them more and more professional. also sharing daily,no luck so far.


thanks for assisting with my Gig description, I have changed whole description, removed all unnecessary things,also I realized mostly people don’t give attention on long descriptions.:sweat_smile:


Thank you very much for reply, I see a lot of thing where I am wrong. I will be more careful next time when I send BR proposal. I am already offering free vector file and 3d mokup file.


He is seems trolling around :confused:


Hi , can you tell me to how many buyers we can send offers maximum a day?


@ladyclerk Thanks for your support.


You can respond to 10 BR daily