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No luck with Fiverr! Need suggestions

Hello everyone,
I’ve been on Fiverr for more than 2+ years. I’ve completed only 41 projects till now. In this period, most of my orders were from a fixed buyer. Even after being a level 1 seller, I got only 4 orders in the last 2 months. I sell WordPress services. All my gigs are made with proper gig research, keyword research, gig image. But, still, I can’t find any luck on Fiverr. I’ve been seeing many newcomers in my field are getting auto orders. While on the other hand, I don’t even get a message most of the days.

Can anyone give me any tips to make myself better?

Thank you

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Bro its your luck, I think due to WP Services now there is too much competition. tried with lower rates.

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My advice: stop expecting Fiverr to provide all of your customers. Who are your target customers, and where do those target customers hang out? Where do you think you can find the people who need your Wordpress services? If they aren’t here on Fiverr (proven by your low number of orders), then why are you sitting around expecting things to happen for you?

Go find your target customers, connect to them, and convince them to hire you. Get out there and FIND the goldmine of customers who need what you have to offer.


I can totally understand what you are saying! But, my frustration is one of my friends who have recently joined Fiverr is getting auto orders. He didn’t put as much time as I did. Even after that he got lucky!

Btw, I’ll definitely follow your tips! Thank you

Perhaps his services are more in-demand than yours.

There are 50,077 Wordpress services on Fiverr. You have a lot of competition, and you aren’t doing anything to stand out. If you want more orders, stand out. Find a way to connect to your target customers, in ways those 50,000 other sellers are not.

Success happens when you take action. What actions have to taken to appeal to your target customers elsewhere, other than the Fiverr catalog of services?

He is also selling WordPress services like me. In fact, I guided him into Fiverr. I haven’t taken any actions to reach customers as I always saw people in my field are getting orders without any manual work.

And that is a sure way to fail. Manual work is the one thing that sets those who find success apart from those who just sit back and want it to find them.

I know many sellers with thousands of reviews, and even more past orders than that (I am one of them). They didn’t get to where they are by waiting to “get orders without any manual work”.

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Thanks a lot, Jon! I’ll follow your guideline.

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