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No mail notification for a particular buyer


So, Yesterday morning i opened my gmail and there were 7 mails from fiverr stating that 7 people have sent me a message on fiverr. I logged in and went to the inbox and there were actually 8 messages. So I replied to all. Today i got a reply from the 8th user who’s mail i did not receive yesterday and even today. Since morning he has sent around 5 messages but i did not receive any mail regarding it. Now we are in talk for a big gig i.e around 200$. Is it something to be suspicious about? I mean not receiving mails and then suddenly a big gig from the same guy? I might sound stupid but i want to confirm that something like this can happen? I’ve received 100+ orders and this never happened before.


you know what they say… sh*t happens

What was the domain it was sent from? Blacklisted somehow?

I’m sure someone is going to say contact customer support. But we would appreciate it if you told us the outcome and reason.


Right now it appears to be a system glitch. I already received one order from this guy and its completed without any problems. I received the order mail. So, yeah must be a system glitch.