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No matches found in search at all? Something is wrong with the search. :(


See screenshot.

Absolutely no matches found for the term “transcribe”? This is odd. :confused: It shows this no matter if I choose to search by auto, rating, new, haz video, etc. Same thing for all.

The Fiverr search hasn’t been right lately… but this is worse than ever!

Either it’s getting worse, or they are in the process of fixing it. I hope it gets fixed soon. This is NOT good for our sales!


I’ve already sent them a message about this, telling them other users are starting to notice this fault… They just ignored my question and focused on answering 1 of my 4 questions … their answer was also a question.

shrugs Lets pretend to be optimistic… let me start over.

They must be working on it! :slight_smile:


Hmmm, seems to be ok at this end?


Reply to @ozzieuk: I just checked again… it’s fine now. Hmm… must have been a glitch? I still think the search engine needs work though.


There are a few issues as a lot of folks have reported hopefully these will be cleared up soon,