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No Matching Pictures - Discouraging Policy

I had four of my gigs set aside for required modification yesterday… for having matching pictures.

Why is this a problem? Especially since the picture in question is my own art. :woman_facepalming:

See this:


If you own more than a single Gig, be sure to choose a different image to each one. This will ensure buyers can find what they need.

It’s like if there were multiple image icons that were for different things but had the same image on the icon. It would be harder for the user to quickly find the image they were looking for.



Make sure your Gig image is related to the service you are offering. Irrelevant images not only compromise your Gig’s credibility, but also lower its chances of getting promoted in editorial features.

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@uk1000 Yes, but I took the uniqueness discussion to be more of a suggestion rather than a hard rule.

As for relevancy, I will admit that there are probably better pictures I could’ve chosen, but I also wouldn’t call the image I had irrelevant.

It was a picture of two characters collaborating to scrawl “CREATE” with a pencil on the wall. It was meant to be encouraging to writers and really anyone who would be coming to me with their writing or editing-based gig.

[Edited to add:] All four of the removed gigs were based around writing, editing, and brainstorming.

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I agree they should show it as being a rule and not just like a suggestion if gig images are going to be denied for it. Other users have had some of the same image elements but other differences like different text. Maybe if it had big text that was different (eg. “Proof-Read”, “Blog Writing” etc.) and maybe any characters arranged differently each time so it looked different enough.

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@uk1000 That’s good advice. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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