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No material from buyer

I just got my first order, as an acceptance of a custom offer. But I’m really confused since the buyer did not provide me with the material I need (In this case, texts to translate). I have reminded the buyer both in the order discussion and in our earlier chat. One day of my three days delivery is already gone. What can I do about this? Is there some way you can deliver material which I have overlooked?

When you gave him the custom offer did he maybe attach it in a previous message ? If you don’t see anything and if the buyer is unresponsive you will have to cancel the gig. Maybe give him a couple of hours to respond since there might be a time difference :wink:

I had that happen the other day and just cancelled the gig after requesting the info a couple of times and not getting it. I very nicely told the client I was still happy to work with him and he could re-order once he had the script ready, which he did :slight_smile: