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No Matter How Hard I Try, or What I Offer, I Can't Seem To Get Buyers

Hi There Fiverends and Fiverettes, I am new to fiverr, and I have cool high quality gigs, I have massive offers on my gigs, but no matter how professional or how hard I try I annot seem to get buyers, please what Is Happening, I Just Want an Experienced Seller to have a look at my profile and tell me what should be changed or what I am doing wrong.

Consider presenting your logos in a different way. Sometimes when things aren’t working on Fiverr, shaking up your gig helps.

Consider adding your logos to dummy web pages. People like seeing products in action. It’s why clothing stores buy mannequins. I think if somebody can see your work on a web page, they’ll instantly imagine it on their web page.

The photoshopped background is nice and all, but add a little variation in there. See how it works for you. Make it personal. Make it seem as though you work on professional projects all the time.

Your logos don’t see you well so consider changing them. Also be patient. I didn’t get my first order until 3 weeks after I signed up. Since then, it has been smooth sailing.

Reply to @kjblynx: All The Gigs Are Original, We Are A Collective Group but I Am The Administrator and The Description Was Done By Someone Who We Paid To Do It Alot Of Other People Say It Looks Very Professional, 7 Of The Languages Are Spoken By Members Of The Group, But We Have A Translator For The Other 3. Thanks

Reply to @sara1984: Thanks, We’ll Implement It

Reply to @kelbyjones: Okay Will Look At That

Reply to @aspiris: You are only supposed to capitalize the first word of a sentence and the word “I” and proper nouns, everything else needs to be lowercase. And you need to use periods.

What you just wrote is incorrect and looks completely unprofessional, it should look like this:

All the gigs are original. We are a collective group but I am the administrator and the description was done by someone who we paid to do it. Alot of other people say it looks very professional. 7 of the languages are spoken by members of the group, but we have a translator for the other 3. Thanks.


Now here is the issue, you say you have people telling you this looks professional, but if you are not getting sales, then I would not necessarily listen to the people who are telling you that. :slight_smile:

I looked at your gigs…It might be helpful to add some more logos. Two of them look similar. And on the whiteboard video, if you are going to offer a voice over you might want to have a sample video with voice over too.

Go study and research the top sellers in all the categories of gigs you offer. Pay attention in detail to what they write in their descriptions, their profiles and how they display their portfolio.

It sometimes takes people a few months to get going.

good luck to you.