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No message No orders! I really much worried as I'm Level Two seller

Do you know the reason why not getting any message and order from the last 10 days. Even every month my sale is being reduced by half So can i edit my gig once again?

I am working on Fiverrr since last year. My account was running good few months back but from last 2 months sales go down day by day. Though my work perform overall excellent like- Response rate 100%, Delivered on time 100%, Order Completion 96% and Rating 5*/4.9 I haven’t got any message from the last 10 days and very slow sales.

do you have any suggestions what should I do to get orders as before. I’ve also marketing my gig through social media. But nothing working :frowning:

oh don’t worry keep calm and patient with you gig hope you succeded

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Hi so the things become to normal to you? or you still with that problem yet? You contact the support or something?

Same :frowning: not getting any message