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No message on account

Hey there i receive a message on my email form fiverr that " you’ve received a custom order request from “buyer-name” " but it’s not showing any message on my fiverr account only in email

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Check your spam folder. It might be there.

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What could be the problem is Fiverr have blocked the person for some reason. They may have offered you contact details or something like that, which they should not have done. That is why you don’t see the order in Fiverr.

Yes, or you can try to open messages and click the unread messages.
I sometimes received a spam message, that really not spam and it is listed on unread and got vanish before I read them.

But most of the message that is disappear before we can read is spam message.

Fiverr only sends messages to spam, if they are spam. I get a lot and I don’t try and open them. Normally people have tried to give me their contact details, or are trying to get me to work outside Fiverr.