No messages from any buyer since last 15 days. What is issue ? Anyone from Fiverr team, Please reply


I am totally frustrated, No messages from any buyer since i achieved level 1 seller last 15 days ago. What is issue with my account ? Anyone from Fiverr team please reply. I have been applying through buyer’s request daily and kept my prices to even minimum. Need help


Contact to customer support


If you have a genuine question then Fiverr customer services is the best place to have this resolved. Otherwise, keep submitting quality Buyer Requests, promote your gig, check the performance and it will all come back to you. I think that due to the algorithms, there are always ebbs and flows on Fiverr. Think about how this works for you.


Hi! Congratulations on becoming a Level 1 Seller! I experienced a similar dry spell a while ago. What I found really helped is to:

  1. Indicate in your offer how your expertise and offer would help the person’s goals specifically. Your responses need to be super tailored to the requests of the buyer.

  2. Offer free extras and a discount and share in your offer that you have done so. That will make your offer stand out from the others the buyer has received.

  3. To showcase your credibility, also share in your response if you’ve had five-star reviews.

As a final tip, I noticed your grammar in this question needs improvement. Grammar errors are really off-putting to a lot of buyers. Your responses should have perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling.

I hope this helps and let us know how it goes!



Hi, Thank You so much for your response and tips. I was really frustrated at that moment so just used quick sentences instead of writing proper sentences. I want to know how much time did this dry period last in your case ?


This has happened with me also due to late delivery of an order.


I never delivered any order late


Then keep patience, :sunglasses:


Yes, but people can tell the difference between writing that is simply rushed and a writer who does not have a strong command of the English language. I’m not sure how long my dry spell lasted, sorry. It would be different for everyone and there are a lot of factors.