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No messages from buyers today

For the past couple of weeks I have been receiving between 6-10 messages from buyers in a single day. Today I have received no messages at all.

Is anybody else experiencing this? Do you think there’s a possibility there is a bug on Fiverr again?

Thank you


If it shut suddenly this is in fact wired ! best case for you is to ask the support !
Other wise i sent you a message to check if your inbox is working or not, respond when you can


Today is Sunday. I have found that Sunday’s typically are slower.


Thank you! Do you think that the amount of messages can fluctuate depending on the day, time of year etc.? Maybe I’m silly for thinking it, but I thought with it being a Sunday, business might be slow


That’s what I was wondering! Thank you


You have 6 orders in your queue. That is more than many sellers have.

The amount of messages varies greatly depending on where you are in Fiverr’s search algorithm. Some weeks you are on top, and others, you are not. You may be entering a time when you are not on top.

Do not bother CS with this issue. They are busy enough because of the pandemic and the number of gigs doubling or even tripling in some niches. It takes them up to 10 days to reply anyhow, and they really cannot help you much with this. Trust me, I know of what I speak. I have been here going on 4 years, whereas the other guy that responded is a newbie. :wink: and he is fun to tease!

This issue is addressed here.


Thank you so much, you have reassured me :sweat_smile: do you find that business picks up again after a couple of weeks? I am hoping it is just because it’s a Sunday, as looking back to last Sunday, I only received 2 messages


Sorry to bombard you - I have checked the search and my gig is still coming up at the top of hundreds and hundreds of results, so I’m hoping that I will see an increase in messages tomorrow. Thank you for your help


Yes, sometimes a week.

Where you see your gig is not where I would see it. Some of my Forum friends and I tested it one time and found out it varied widely where we each saw each other’s gigs. Try checking incognito mode and see what you find.

PS, I used to offer what you offer for your best selling gig. I eventually charged 50 for 400 words. But when my proofreading ended up making me more per hour I paused that gig. If you are getting 6-10 messages a day it is because of what a great deal you are giving. I would slowly raise my prices if I were you. You could start by lowering the number of words per package slightly. Then the buyers may not notice the raise in price and you work less for more .


Ok, so I checked it on my friend’s phone without being logged in and she has no previous history of viewing Fiverr and I was still on the first page of results for email copy.

Wow, that’s amazing to know. Thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate it. I have considered raising my prices when I hit level 1 which should be on December 15th.

Did you find a lot of people want the higher word emails? Many of my customers that want a sales email are asking for 100-200 words. I thought maybe I could keep my basic package the same and for the standard and premium packages, offer multiple emails. Do you think this is wise?

I have already lowered my number of words as it used to be 250

Thank you


Same situation here! Was receiving multiple orders and messages per day, and then suddenly the algorithm got mad at me and threw me all the way back!

Welcome to the zone! It might take a while to get out of here… (I’m on my third week now)


this happen many times the more disturbing is chatting with 10 byer and get no request its really frustrating

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I found they would book the lower one and then send information that required more words. Have you found that?

BTW I looked for your gig. It is on the first page under business e-mail sorted by relevance and second row for best selling.

When I quit I was charging $35 for 250 words, $50 for for $450, and and $70 for 650 words. Mostly I sold the smaller packages. I also pointed out how many paragraphs the e-mail was likely to be.


Ah, thanks! That’s great to know!

No, I have actually found most people want multiple emails that are shorter in length. Not sure if this is because they are sales emails (people want them to be to-the-point).

Did you offer a general email writing gig, or was it targeted towards sales emails?

Mine was for business e-mail writing. So, it could be e-mail promotion, but it also could be letters to another business asking to work together. It varied. Not always e-mails sometimes letters.

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That’s great to know! Thanks again for all of your advice. I will increase my prices and change my package options when I hit level 1 I think.

Sundays are slow but today seems to be weird - the BR section from the desktop shows high numbers of requests (20 now), none of which are present: the page is empty despite the number showing.
BRs from the phone app were bugged too this morning, a number was displayed but nothing appeared. Usually, the grey icon telling you there’s no BRs appears instead.

And more so, while bugs like these are common, my remaining offer count has been stuck to 10 since yesterday afternoon, despite sending offers which fully registered. This occurence in particular has never happened to me before. :thinking:

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Sorry - I am such a novice, what is the BR section?

Ah, Buyer Request I’m assuming?

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Yes, BR is buyer requests, and FYI, OP is the original poster on a thread.

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