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No messages + no orders, have this account for awhile

I’ve had this Fiverr account for a while now I created it last year but for some reason I never received a message, I thought my gigs just weren’t good enough, but now one of my gigs has gotten 900 impressions and that gig is usually on the first page on the keywords I search but I still have received no message whatsoever, I believe there’s some sort of bug because of which people are not able to send me messages at all and of course I haven’t had any orders either. Does anyone have the same problem, any solutions?

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That is actually not a big. In start your gig may not (or may be) ranked. All you have to do is to share it on different social media platforms. Second thing, use Buyer request section. Once you get a couple of orders on a gig, after that you can optimize your gig and it will be ranked.

i’m already doing that stuff

Fiverr keeps going up and down. You have to update you gig time to time and research on what ranks in specific niche.

I am level 2 sellee with 300+ review but I was also having no orders in last 2 months as I was not able to work that well but again I researched things and I am back this month I got 2-3 order which will fill up my monthly earning

i do edit my gigs if the stats (impressions, clicks, views) go down. The problem isn’t that my gigs aren’t doing well the problem is i’m not getting messages or order even though my gig is on the first page on some of the keywords.

How often you were getting order or how many buyers contact you on an average

I do see you are new basically if you never got any message or have yet no order. Please use buyer request because there are lesss chances somone will hire people with 0 reviews. Its simple thing you need to show your presence and then sureely people will also contact you

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that’s what i’m saying i have no orders, and no one has contacted me still, even though my gigs’ stats are going up every day and if they are going down i change the tag or something.

Check my other reply that might help

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i’m using buyer request as well, but the problem with buyer request is, it doesn’t show many requests and i keep refreshing the page as well but i am only able to send a 1 or 2 a day because many of the requests don’t match my gig and again i only get around 10 requests in a day at different times.

Everyone gets the same things a New seller and I see that it has been very long time since you been on fiverr but if you are not able to grab your first order I can say that you should try and research on what else you can do which will work.

Because by Buyer request I reached the Level 1 and after that path becomes easy but at start its only you who has to do things to get your first orders if you can’t get you need to work on your strategy

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yeah, i’m trying to work on it, thank you for taking time and replying.

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I think there’s too much competition here on Fiverr, however I’m lucky enough with my first order this month within 2 weeks and get 5 rating immediately. The person who order my gigs raise my spirit to stick here. I wish I could help that person more as a gratitude.

Patient is the key maybe?


Maybe it is, i got my first order just yesterday via to buyer request.

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Glad to hear, good luck with that…

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wow, i’m still waiting for my first order… :slight_smile: