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No messages or Orders for 9 days

I currently stopped receiving orders and messages for 9 days. Can someone help me check if there is something wrong with my profile or gigs?

It’s giving me cause for concern. Please help.

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Most of new sellers has this problem. Not only you. Try to grab some buyers from Social medias.

Thank you for the suggestion.

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Its a normal phase my dear some people do not get orders for a month, just hang on, it will soon come around. Cheers

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Thank you for your comment.

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I will suggest you to be online as often as possible. Be available now sometimes. And share your gigs as much as possible. It helped me a lot.

Thanks. I am always online.

I think lowering package prices and reduce time period Might attract some buyers eye and Updating to attractive cover pictures would help too. Recently I have done these my gig started performing better. Best of luck