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No Method to withdraw my revenues


I am not able to withdraw my fiverr earnings. Payoneer blocked my account without any reason . So I don’t have fiverr revenue card and Bank transfer option on my fiverr account and Paypal is not available in my country so what should I do right now?
I contacted with CS they said please contact with payoneer then I contacted with payoneer they said "This cannot be reopened. You may search for other financial services companies to provide you with services. "




Make another Payoneer account and link it with fiverr i believe this is the only solution… Why Payoneer is rejecting your OFFER?


Payoneer said if I create any other account with my name or details those account will be automatically removed and they said they can’t detached this account from payoneer however they said they are not able to help me and CS said contact with payoneer


Why did they block your account? any scam etc?


No I had an account before joining fiverr then I applied for another account through fiverr this is my fault.Actually that was a mistake


a lot people do this, it does not result in blocking of payoneer account.


All I did only this . One more thing I ordered card from them twice and didn’t received then I ordered again