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No more $5 gigs

Soon to be no more $5 gigs. Its getting hard to get a $5 gig these days. Everything is geared toward contact first and “this many gigs for that”. I have also found that sellers over the 1k mark are becoming rude and choosy of the jobs opting to take only easy jobs because they can cancel at the drop of a hat.

Im looking for a change. The old Fiverr was much much better. I think it might be time for me to simply start sourcing elsewhere. The Fiverr bubble is about to burst for me. The system is just abused too much now and good sellers are suffering.

Good example is this fragglesrock

What a bad experience.

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yep, after a few weeks of getting nothing but 5 dollar crumbs on fiver we sellers have decided that we would like to EAT too…I hope ALL the 5 dollar gigs go away…that will be true justice for the sellers…no one should get 50-100-200-300 dollar jobs for 5 dollars…for 5 dollars you should get 5 dollars worth of real world value and no more. they need to drop the fiverr name completely and realize that we sellers never have been and never WILL be, slaves who work for crumbs…simple as that…

According to the rules, a seller has to offer something for $5. If a gig offers nothing for $5 and demands that you order several gigs in order to get anything at all, you can report it and it will be removed.

However, if there’s a $5 option and a, say, $25 option, and you demand the $25 option to be done for $5, you’re the one breaking the rules.

As for the “contact first”, isn’t it better to clarify what you need and whether that particular seller actually provides it before ordering a gig, and thus avoid a waste of time and confusion?

The “contact me first” is there not because of $5 gigs, but because I get tons of buyers asking me to do something that isn’t in the gig description or I can’t do.

There are definitely some sellers that have things like “This is NOT a five dollar gig” written in this descriptions. These are people that we should report, because as is said above, ever seller must offer something for $5.

However, it is unreasonable to expect that every project can be completed for $5. Most sellers offer something basic for the basic price and then charge extras for more words/more complicated design/adding colors/etc. I don’t see anything wrong with that. We’re allowed to charge what we think our time is worth (at least…kind of), as long as a buyer can also get something basic for $5. The vast majority of sellers I see offer something real for $5.

Sure, we’re going to upsell you…when you’re asking for something that isn’t covered by the basic $5. In my case, if a buyer comes asking for 400 words with six hyperlinks to research that I have to find myself, that’s going to be a more expensive quote than someone who just wants 400 words.

Quality comes with a price. I once needed to hire an illustrator to do a great design, by the time I was done, I had spent $45 and got great work. I’ve hired other illustrators who do crappy work for $5.

As a seller, I always deliver my best, but my days of writing 10 headlines for $5 are over, now I charge $5 for 5, $10 for 24-hour delivery, etc. My time is valuable, and buyers understand that. Besides, you never know who your buyer is, your buyer might be a lawyer, a real estate agency, an advertising firm. I once had a musician spend more than $100 having me rewrite his lyrics, even though I have no experience with music. The guy wasn’t even that rich, but it was a lot of lyrics and that had value to him.

Yep…On my page I offer a “basic mastering” for 5 dollars and for that ill make your song sound “better than I did before” and it DOES sound way better than It did before, but for a real in depth critical mastering like you would need in order to present your track to a record label, I charge more. So I DO have a 5 dollar gig that I definitely honor every time, but I just hope and pray that people want more than that.

it all comes down to “time is money friend” and I just think that you get what you pay for in that regard

According to the “How to Become a TRS” post on Fiverr’s blog, they said that in order to make “real money,” sellers shouldn’t spend more than fifteen minutes per $5. That’s already how I had all my gigs priced and how I bet most people have their gigs priced (though there are plenty of sellers who offer what I would consider WAAYYYY too much for $5, but hey–that’s their deal). Like davidlustrup said, time is money and that’s what you’ve got to consider when it seems like you can’t find a seller who will do what you’re asking for $5.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I red that post but if everyone followed those guidelines allot of the categories would be empty.

Sellers need to make it clear what they will do for $5, Buyers are always going to want the most for the least amount of money. If you leave something out of your description then buyers are going to assume they are entitled to it.

Reply to @emasonwrites: yep and that’s exactly how much time I spend on the 5 dollar master. now the gig extra master, the in depth one, ill typically spend 1-2 hours on those. And it takes that long because in addition to a LOT more TLC going into the critical listening, tweaking, etc , I test the final masters on all my different speakers systems like, the car, my ipod, the house speakers, all 3 sets of studio monitors I use, earbuds, headphones, a boom box, etc etc to make sure it sounds awesome on EVERY speaker system.

Reply to @russflex: I guess it depends on your gig, but you can’t cover every possible scenario that buyers may want. That is the reason many sellers put Contact Us First in their gig description. If I had to cover every possible scenario, my gig description would be thousands of words (of course Fiverr only allows so many words in description).

My gig description is clear about what I will do for $5, but most just don’t read the description.

Reply to @mgjohn78: I think there are small things that can be done in ever category for $5. It would probably cut down on the number of people who come to the forum and complain about being “ripped off” when they order a project that should take an entire day but only pay $5 for it. Some people may be willing to do hours of work for what comes down to $4 (less in many cases), but that’s no way to actually make any money and it often leaves the buyer with a crappy product in the end.

That is not true. maybe you pick the wrong type of seller or asking too much.

You should be aware that $5 is the starting price and it goes up based on your requirements. If you are asking more than $5 covers then you have to pay more.

I offer web design gigs and $5 for creating the whole site isn’t a fair price, that is why extra’s are introduced.

I also do header design for blogs and its $5 unless the buyer asks for custom vector design etc that isn’t covered anymore by $5.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Sure there are small things that can be done in all categories. The thing is when starting you don’t have any gig extras so that 10 minute job would be the only thing you have in your gig description and sample images.

Reply to @dynamitemark: Just read you own threat, people answered already! There has to be a $5 option or you’re free to report that seller.

I won’t suprise if you don’t read the seller gig description for what they offer for $5 and what not!

Reply to @davidlustrup: If you can’t do it for $5 don’t put it on fiver. Simple. Fiver is for $5 gigs.

@davidlustrup hey i don’t think that your statement is right. there are at least millions of gigs that has to do something with $5. People from all around the world gathering here on Fiverr to get something good out of $5.