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No more buyers! Help!

Ever since my first big break where a buyer bought my gig, I’m kind of feeling frustrated because I haven’t gotten a single buyer since then. I’ve done everything, added more gigs, created videos for each of them, shared my gig on facebook, twitter and even my blog and still no luck. What do I do now?

You need to create more attractive Images for your GIG and also You need to get some favorite for your GIG. there are a lot of sellers who help to improve GIGs, you can contact them.
If I will free today I will design a good images for your GIG.
only if you ok with it.

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I sincerely never thought my gig images were the problem. If it won’t inconvenience you to create a gig image free of charge for me, I’d be really grateful to you.

Sure. are you using MS word software right ?

Yh, I am, why do you ask?

So you can add image like you write some thing in word ex :- about writing,
You have make it really attractive anyone will read it, so can easily take screenshot in word and crop and upload to your gig

That’s a good idea, I’ll do that. Thanks.


Also try to send attractive custom offers to the buyer requests posted on fiverr.
That way you can quickly get some good buyers :slight_smile: