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No more Buyers to take my offer like before!

Hello everybody, I m new seller here, at the beginning everything was perfect ! but now, since a month I send all my 10 offers to buyers requests every day but unfortunately none takes my offer or just send me a message to discuss about it, I don’t know if there is something I can do to restart selling my services again, I really need your help.

I find that getting clients with the buyer requests is hit or miss. Can you post one of your replies to a buyer request and maybe we can help critique your reply. I’ve been on both sides of buyer requests and when I do a request, I find that I get a lot of replies that are confusing for my request. I think that the wording you use in your offer can be very important such as you are offering your services and not saying please hire me and specifically mention the work so the customer knows that you read and understand the request.

Here is what I use mostly :
’’ Hi , I can do that Job for You for “x$” Including “this and that”. I am a professional photoshop designer , I think I can handle this , all I need is your trust , Choose me and be sure I will do my best to satisfy you. the fact Is I am new here and what I want Is to grow Up my popularity in this website by doing a such jobs. So If my Offer looks Intersting For You , Order me And Contact me Asap. thanks ‘’

Please if you find this not good as well, help me with something more usefull

Thanks a lot!