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No more customer and impression decreased

Why people are not patronize my gigs again ?? since after I came back from vacation and my gigs impression got decreased every day now am broke🤦‍♂️.

Somebody help pls :pray::pray::pray:

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Perhaps people don’t need your services as much as they once did. Or, perhaps they are buying from your many competitors instead.

Fiverr does not guarantee sales and success here on Fiverr. It is unwise to expect all of your income to come from your gigs, because, when you have times like this, you have no income coming in. Diversify. Reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. Out-do your competition. Sitting back and waiting for sales is a terrible business strategy.


Well said :kissing_heart:. Thank you so much.

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Check out other posts on this that people have already asked!

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That has been noted @brenna_n

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