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No more default reviews?

I just reviewed a purchase, and normally if I gave 5-stars, I’d get the default “Outstanding Experience!” message. Now I’m unable to leave a review unless I type 10 characters or more.

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100% better.

Although, I am not liking that ‘Skills Endorsement’ thing.


I think outstanding experience sums up to more than 10 characters :confused:

You’re correct, but that’s not the point.
Before, that was the default for a 5-star review.
Now, there is no default. Before, buyers could mark their stars and hit submit (without typing a comment). Now to submit a review, they must type something.

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As far as I am concerned, I never got an empty review (with no written content).
So I think it would not have some big impact.
What do you say?

Have you ever been a buyer in this site?
The reason you often receive reviews that say “Outstanding Experience!” is because the buyer didn’t type anything, and the system automatically inserts that message. This is similar to “Order cancelled. Seller failed to deliver on time” or “Good experience!”. The buyer had the option to:

  1. Type a review. Or
  2. Let the system leave one of the default messages.

Now- there is no default message. The buyer must type something (again, before it was optional) in order for their review to be submitted.


What does that have to do with this topic?

I think it’s good because it lets the buyer be more specific about his/her review. Though I’d like to know what @gina_riley2 thinks because she’s also a buyer. :wink:

Hi Vapeskorea,

I never knew that.
Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, I have been a buyer for at least 5 different instances, but I always write at least one or two complete sentences.

What about the other default messages that you mentioned such as Order canceled.
Were they based upon cancellation from Seller’s end or in mutual as well?

Thank you for your time,

Glad to help.
I believe the “Order cancelled. Seller failed to deliver.” message only appears if the seller doesn’t deliver the service and the system cancels the order. If it’s a mutual cancellation, no review is given.

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This is great! Better reviews starting in 3,2,1…

that has been going on for months via the "secret review’ page buyers got.

now Fiverr’s latest addition (auto sorting of reviews) is starting to make sense. Lengthy reviews will rise to the top. whether positive or negative. I think it will benefit sellers, as people start viewing all of those “Outstanding experience!” reviews as shady when they are repeated so often.

But on the other hand, this may stop people from posting reviews altogether.

Time will tell.

I hadn’t notice that, since I rarely ever, like twice - I think - do the auto “Outstanding Experience.” I’m kinda wordy in my reviews - although, I’ve never read of any seller complaining about a long (positive) review! :slight_smile:

The folks used to doing the auto generation will either skip it or write something very short like, “seller did good,” which could do more harm than good.

5r’s attempt to force buyers to leave reviews may backfire. I guess we’ll see. :eyes: