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No more orders after 847 completed orders!

Hey !

Since February I started to drop a lot, fewer orders up to none.
Until February, I was always on the first pages of searches and now I can’t find me anymore. I had problems with the delivery time because I had many active commands (more than 20) but that did not stop me from getting more and more orders. But since February everything has changed.

Anyone have an idea about this ? Please tell me.
Anyone with a huge experience on Fiverr, more than 300-400 orders completed.

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This is very irresponsible. If you can’t handle 20 orders, much less 25 just to mention a number.

This is what got you into trouble !!! You should check how many orders you are really capable of delivering !!!


It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 10000 orders completed. If you’re not able to deliver 20 orders on time, much less 21, 22, etc. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have over 400 orders completed so is my opinion good enough for you? :thinking:

@maitasun is a very intelligent person and I respect and agree with her opinion that it was irresponsible of you to:

Furthermore, your response to @maitasun was rude. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But I see she stuck up for herself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am confused. :confused: You say:

Yet, I looked at your profile page and see you have had 4 orders in the last day. That is better than your average. I mean if you have been here since Sept of 2016, then your average orders per day have been one or less. :thinking:

Lol, I cannot speak to this because I never look for me. I always know where I am. :wink: But seriously, I never look for my gig placement because I figure it is out of my control and I have more important things to concern myself with. :grin:


Yes, you are absolutely right ! I know this was my biggest mistake.
But i’m trying to find if i have more problems.
Sorry for my rude response !
Thank you so much for your opinion that is very very true !

Now trying to make the best go to very high again with all the stats, and do my best !
I was rude, sorry, but i deserve someone with your message to wake me up ! <3


I have had the same problem. Many clients used to purchase the one-day delivery option, so that made me have 20-30 late orders last year. If the algorithm puts you first in all of the ranks, and you start getting a large number of orders which you can’t do them alone. Then you are screwed.

You are right though, it’s the seller’s irresponsibility if he can’t make it. As we as sellers should know when to use pause, bump the prices, use out of office mode and similar.


@gig_freak Yes yes, and when you do your job perfect, you go beyond for each client so they will be very happy with your work… but this take time and makes you problems.

It may, but it is also how you keep your clients.

  1. Don’t be late anymore.
  2. Focus on repeated buyers if you don’t have any new buyers. Because you were delivering late, you got drop in search so buyers can’t see you anymore. But, repeated will always come back. So focus on them and you will climb up again.
  3. Please don’t be rude to nice people on forum. @maitasun was trying to help you. If you can’t be nice to people, you don’t deserve help from anyone. Hopefully you aren’t like that to your clients.

@arty182925 Thank you so much !
So sorry again @maitasun !

I had a bad period … i don’t know why i’m so rude. Maybe i’ll go to check another forum as well ( Psychologist forum ) haha


Your gigs can be found on the last page. You can check it HERE

I had the same problem with late deliveries, but due to personal problems. In my case, it took 2.5 months to recover (it dropped on January 21 and returned on April 8).

Fiverr sends you to the end of the list when you cross a specific line (like 20 late orders or something similar) and you need to show perfect stats in order to get back. In my case (and in case of several other users), everything changed when I reached 98% of on-time delivery.

Please note that the only way to return to the front is to have good stats. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill and CS won’t help in this case.

You can find more similar stories here:


Apologies accepted. Just please don’t be disrespectful to people. It doesn’t matter if you’re having problems - any kind of problems - people are not accountable for them.

Respect is everything in life!!!


Thank you all for great informations !
@maitasun Big sorry again and thank you for waking me up !