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No more orders are being marked complete?

For the past three days, orders have completely stopped being marked complete by the buyer. Has anyone else noticed this?

It has been very nice for the past month with most orders being marked complete within 24 hours but suddenly that stopped. What happened?

I know there has been a change to the review process but is there no way for buyers to mark orders complete now? And very few are leaving reviews. It’s the opposite of how it’s been.

If anyone has a screenshot of what buyers are seeing now after delivery of an order I would like to see it, thanks.


Did you mean 3 days? :thinking:

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Yes they still complete after 3 days but I’ve been delighted with how almost all have been marked complete within 24 hours, due to the way the message has been sent to them. I think it was a question that asked if the delivery was ok, and marking yes marked the order complete. That must be gone now.

No one is marking my orders complete any more.


Interesting. I never noticed the 24 hour completion thing.


I’ve noticed the exact same thing. And because of a lack of reviews, my overall rating keeps switching between 5.0 and 4.9. I’m guessing that as days pass without receiving 5.0 star reviews, the overall rating keeps dropping, similar to the Completion Rate stat. Yikes.


I received 4 reviews on my last 7 orders. I’m not worried about it though, at least i got paid and avoided any charge backs. It’s been a slow month for me considering last month was my best.

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Your last review was the 21st. I’m talking about since then.

Yes the algorithm noticed too and is dropping our rankings based on this. Things were humming along smoothly until the change in how reviews and completions are marked.

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The top one that doesn’t have a review was just automatically approved a little while ago, so yes i understand your frustration.

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So now we have to wait three days for all of them to complete instead of getting them completed within 24 hours as I was enjoying for the past month. My gigs have dropped in where they are located. I would love to know what buyers see now upon delivery. I’m not sure they can mark them complete at all.

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I have been noticing a lot of “Buyer marked your order complete” but not seeing a review? Has the blind review process started already?

Have you had them mark them complete in the last two days?

You’ve gotten about five reviews in the last two days. One you got seven hours ago. Can you see them? The one seven hours ago says “great communication”.


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I think that is because the buyer have to make a two private review of the seller before he/she can make the public rating.

I’ve yet to see this change occur.

However, I did get the upload bug finally. I had a client - long-term client - tell me two files were missing. At first, she thought it was her, but I explained that when I uploaded the files, all five showed up, but reviewing the order after she mentioned it, I only saw three as she did. I told her what I suspected, and she totally blames Fiverr for the problem. After all, the files she saw were 1,2 and 4. obviously 3 and 5 were missing. I know I uploaded all five because of how I set up the files on my computer.

Neither situation is good for Fiverr or its sellers. Come on Fiverr… get your act together!


That’s scary considering sellers get banned for empty deliveries.

I don’t know how a delivery shows up after you upload them but then disappears.
There is not even a way for a seller to see when that happens.