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No more orders 😢


Getting no more orders




Be patience and try to keep active your account status all the time, trust me once you getting order you will looking time for rest which not be possible at that time.



Your last order was done 2 days ago, I don’t see any problems with that.

You can’t expect orders to be pouring in every single day, just like any other business in and outside Fiverr, there are ups and downs. I think some of us call it the “dry-up” period.
My longest dry-up period was 2 weeks or so.
Since Fiverr is not my main/only source of income I didn’t mind at all, but if you are worried about not getting any orders at all, you can always use the free time you have to tweak your gigs, promote them more, or simply look for an additional source of income, etc.
There’s always something you can do :slight_smile: