NO more orders


Hey Guys, ever since May has started I havent had a single order. Is anyone experiencing the same issue.

I have been getting 6-10 orders a day for the past year… what happened?



I’ve had the exact same thing occur. I typically receive over $100 in orders each day. This has been the trend for the past FOUR YEARS.

Suddenly, nothing.

Needless to say, I’m extremely distressed.

There’s something wrong.

We’re not the only people. I have a couple friends on Fiverr who’ve reported the exact same thing.

What’s happening???


Wow, I always see you at the top of my gig category page, Mia. If you aren’t getting orders, that’s kind of scary.

Hopefully it’s some kind of glitch that’s happened because of the recent changes. I always notice my sales suffer when they add in something new.

I still miss the old days when the number of orders in queue showed at the side of the page. I made a killing back then. Haven’t quite been able to make Fiverr work full-time since that changed.


Hi, I’m new in here and I am just a buyer. This post has me thinking hard now. 4 days ago, I found a writer that I am pleased with. He writes about sports. I also contacted three other writers. One replied back. I mentioned that I would use her regularly if all goes well. She never replied back. I sent another message mentioning that I am waiting for her to accept before I actually placed the orders because it’s her request on the profile. But no response for 3 days now.

The other two writers seemed to have a delay as well. I placed the orders anyways, but no response. They said it would be fine. I was just wondering, are some people in here just not that considerate or is there some glitch with Fiverr. Are they not receiving the messages. The one writer that responds to me is always on time and at least he has the courtesy to let me know that he received the orders and will get started on it.

Also, one of his gigs went up to $10 (automatically), there’s no way around it… if you want that gig, it will cost $10 now.

Is there a glitch in the system?


Reply to @ja24west: I think the other writers are just inconsiderate. Not that I want to self-promote on the forum, but if you’re struggling to find a writer, I’d be happy to help. I’m still charging just the $5 for an article. Your other writer may be able to cut you a deal though, especially if you ask nicely. :slight_smile:

safwan said: since May has started I havent had a single order

It's only May 4th, I'd say relax. We all have those dry-up periods, I myself go through this all
the time in fact. I am a TRS, but I don't get orders all the time, and when I experienced my first
dry-up period several years ago I did get worried. Hpwever orders comes and goes,
that's just how things work here, just like every other businesses, I've worked here long enough to accept that. :)
Just give it a few more days, you might get bombarded with orders and you'll be saying


I understand that there are ebbs and flows on Fiverr. I’ve been here for several years.

But this is the first time in 4 YEARS that I haven’t gotten a single order for two days in a row now. (and only 2 since May started)

My impressions have dropped way off, so if I had to guess, they’ve made a change in the on-site search algorithm and it’s omitting certain gigs from the results.

Whatever the case, it’s extremely distressing. This is (…errr…was…) my full time job. And I’m my family’s sole breadwinner. So I’m terrified to be totally honest.

I’ve contacted support. I’ll let you guys know what they say.


Reply to @ja24west: I always recommend sending another follow up message. I know I only get a fraction of the new message notifications in my email. So it’s easy to overlook if it doesn’t generate the new message notification.


Reply to @zeus777: ahaha yah I was freaking out :s

I hope you are right and I get bombarded with orders till it drives me crazy :wink:


I want 200 orders a day


I have been fine with orders. I have most of my popular gigs paused to control the orders. I send custom quotes to regulars.

Continue to adjust what you offer. Test different dynamics. The market is always changing and new providers are also entering the market. You can’t assume what worked in the past will continue to work. Also take an opportunity to try a new gig. Learn a new skill. Some of my best gigs were real far off my radar until I saw them selling on Fiverr. I had a broad background in the skill but I had never provided that specific product.


It was a big sports/events weekend and a lot of people spent their $100 expendable income on the boxing match. Also Kentucky Derby, NBA Playoffs, etc. This weekend scooped up a lot of money that people may spend on promoting and marketing their business. Not only were people spending that PPV money, they also had to get food, snacks, drinks, etc. A lot of businesses that aren’t directing involved with those events will take a momentary hit. Also, a lot a graduations coming up where people need to save their money but use this time to improve your gigs, post on social networks, create new videos, and market your but off outside of Fiverr. It will pay dividends later when you are busy and have no time to get that stuff done.

I too want to be overwhelmingly busy everyday but the fiverr platform combined with the micro/macro-economics of a global marketplace just simply don’t allow that to be realistic. Unless you are providing backlinks or logos, you are going to go through super busy and slow periods, just prepare accordingly and use that worry time for producing time. :slight_smile:



Reply to @miacarter: So you think that they haven’t received all my messages due to a Fiverr problem or they just get too many messages like spam?

I did a follow up and usually a message or two after they reply. I let them know what I need, then mention that I’ll wait for them to give me the green light before I place the order. If they don’t reply back, then I’ll just be in limbo, I guess.

Thanks for the info…


Reply to @sara1984:

Two of them came through the following day (busy weekend). I’m glad I waited before moving on… they are awesome writers.

Also, I am very glad that you replied to my post. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet you on Fiverr. The articles you wrote were just what we needed on the website. We are very satisfied/pleased, Sara!


Reply to @miacarter: How did you get to post so many gigs, I thought the limit was 20?


From the start of this Responsive rate, i am seriously stuck. No msg, no inbox. otherwise i was daily getting an order or at least inbox, but this is worst now 4 days no order, well not even a single Inbox by buyer. ( feeling worried )


Reply to @daniyalhussain: this is exactly the same thing happening to me,my gigs appear on front page of their categories but no inbox,no orders since the 4th


Mia many of us have noticed our orders are reduced. I believe it is because fiverr is once again putting the gigs of others at the bottom of our gigs, taking away people from deciding to buy our gigs.

At the bottom of your second best selling gig is this:

RECOMMENDED FOR YOU IN CREATIVE WRITING & SCRIPTING and gigs from your competitors. They’ve tried this before and the same drop in sales always happens.

I too noticed less impressions, so it seems as if they also have decided to increase impressions for some sellers and cut them back for others. Many of the gigs being advertised at the bottom of my gigs do not have this feature of other gigs from other sellers on the bottom of their gigs.


I am a level 1 seller and I too am experiencing the same problem I had only had 1 sale since this month begin


Less impressions here too. I just made level 2 in two months, and thought i would get a bump, when FIVERR let me know I made it, no orders! Freaks me out a little. Oh well it does ebb and flow like any business, it can get crazy with 5 or 6 orders in a few minutes though, and that is always a good day! Back to the studio…