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No more Packages in Voiceover category?

Okay, thanks so much! I just got the notification about an hour ago. I’ve hunted all over the place and I definitely don’t have the option anymore.

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By the way, I now have “Basic Offer” and then “Upgrades” but no more packages.

There was a video explanation which popped up and I did watch it. Now I can’t locate it. However, it did go over the basic gig prices and extras, but I still had in my mind that packages would still be an option since it didn’t specifically state that they were going away.

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I have been told by another V/O that there is a video which explains everything when you click edit on a V/O gig. I suggest all do that.


I just re-watched the video. Although it didn’t mention that packages were going away, it indicates that this is a new pricing structure.

It won’t be as easy to do a one-click package order anymore, but it will encourage buyers to carefully consider what they actually need and choose accordingly. :slight_smile:


Sorry, the message above is a reply to you. Maybe someday I’ll remember to hit reply when necessary! :grinning:


Interesting… I haven’t gotten this update yet. Probably rolling it out slowly. At least now I’m aware of it, so I can sit down and have a look when I have the time. Thanks for letting us know!

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You’re welcome and thanks for your replies!


I haven’t gotten any notification of a new pricing structure and my packages are still in tact. Considering the value I provide in my packages, if they are removing them from the voiceover category, that’s going to make me have to consider how to properly price my gig if I can’t offer the lower price plans I’ve used in my packages for larger jobs.

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As a follow-up, when I clicked on the pricing tab while in edit mode for my gig, it still gives me the options for packages.

Yes, I had to really think about how I was going to change things. Also, there’s a couple of option extras that aren’t workable for me.

Yeah they must be rolling it out to only certain people. I still have the option to add packages if I wanted when I go to edit my gig.

I’m kind of glad they are getting rid of packages for us to be honest… I’ve tried it in the past and have had way more success without them.

I, on the other hand, am not. My packages are set up to be 48-hour delivery orders while my basic gig is 24 hours delivery. Also, my packages sell better than my basic gig. Of course, the workaround is going to likely be to offer the packages as separate gigs to achieve the same pricing structure I’m currently using, so it probably won’t be so bad.

I no longer see the option for package deals on my gig either. I also noticed that they bundle the “split Files” into a group of 5. Did that automatically happen to anyone else? Other than that , Im liking the new structure so far.

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Yes, I have the same split files option. I like the pricing structure too. :slight_smile:

Interesting… Gig packages still show on my end.
Does anyone have a direct URL to the video in question?

I just happened to go into one of my Gigs to edit the description today and all of my Gigs said, “Please update pricing”, so I did and sure as ish, the Packages are now gone. I’m still on the fence; some things I like and some I don’t. Like the “Fast Delivery” defaulted to 1 day, which is too short to me, so I had to uncheck it and add another Gig Extra with my 2-day Fast Delivery, instead.

@nikavoice, I think this’ the video link, here:

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Thank you @tee_hi for posting the link. I did some editing recently, but the change is not reflecting on my account, just yet. However, I do like the upgrades options. The packages were a good option for me, but going with the flow; I’ll adjust to the new pricing structure.


Hi Everyone. Announcing the new VO Pricing structure. Hope this helps answer your questions!

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Further discussion and explanation should take place on the thread linked above ^^