No more pop-ups announcing when we get an order?


I have been on this site for several hours tonight and the only way I found out someone had placed an order was when I went to my orders page.

Do others still get a pop-up when they are online announcing they got a new order?


Everything is normal for me, I’m receiving the pop ups and everything.


Maybe clearing will browser cache will fix.


Notifications bug out for me from time to time. I’ve had to just come to assume there is a chance of missing one and I look at the order page directly at least once a day. I prefer to keep a higher response rate but since the bug seems sporadic I haven’t had many problems. If I know I might not check for more than 8-12 hours I usually change my delivery times, pause gigs or use OOO. Today I have received notifications normally.


I haven’t seen any pop up about notifications for a month at least. I do get the emails but late.


They recently changed the way that orders come through in my iPhone notification. Like for example I get a notification saying “so-and-so just bought an order. Hang tight for more info!” or something like that.


My PC browser gives me pop-ups about 90% of the time but my phone app either shows me a blank notification inbox or fails to show a dot most of the time. I only have the app on my phone at all in case I just win notification roulette that day. I consider the Fiverr apps as low-functioning toys.


Sometimes I am surprised to notice that someone left me a review two days earlier, when I never got a notification about it.