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No More Ratings and Reviews?


Hi there,

I’m wondering, has Fiverr removed the review and rating system? Buyers usually finish orders by leaving a feedback 99% of the time but lately, my last three orders had only just been marked as complete with no review whatsoever. These are three different orders for three different clients. So I’m wondering if this feedback option has been removed? Anybody experiencing the same thing as seller?


Out of my last 4 orders this week i only got 1 review. I’m not worried though, as long as i get paid for my services i’m good.


Sure, but I’m just curious. I find it rather odd.


Since the last review system changes, very probably fewer people choose to leave reviews to avoid sellers’ reviews showing on their profile page for privacy or whatever other reasons.
If it’s new buyers, they might also find the system too complicated/confusing/time-intensive with public review and not public review but I do still get reviews both from regular and new customers, so the system most definitely still is in place.

You’re aware though that we have a “blind review system” now and that your buyers’ reviews, if they left one, will only show once you rated them too, or 10 days after they left their review?


I have stopped getting reviews lately for some reason so I wondered if the layout for them changed again. It’s unheard of to have so many delivered orders as I have now without one review. Up until this past week they were usually leaving them.

Hopefully someone who has made a purchase in the last week will let us know how the review setup looks now.


This could also mean that some people, I’d guess your category is probably even more privacy-conscious than many others, only now noticed that their sellers’ reviews show on their profile pages “now” , so it might be that you’re seeing the effect of the review system changes with delay. I doubt most buyers look at their profile page often - correction, looked, there wasn’t anything to see there until the changes, after all.


Oh yes, I am very aware of the “new” blind review system. The last feedback I got for a finished order was 1-2 days ago. And then 3 orders after that for 3 different clients just marked as finished without feedback. One of those three I’ve worked with before and usually leaves a review.

The fact that it’s three in a row on the same day is odd to me. So I think maybe something changed on the buyers side when accepting the orders that doesn’t let them leave a review.


Same. But I got a review 1-2 days ago. Then it stopped from then. I think the layout might’ve changed too.


Then it’s not that. Three in a row might seem weird then, yes, could still be a coincidence. I got a review from a new buyer literally a minute ago though, so I’m not sure it’s another change on buyers’ side.
Well, perhaps someone is kind enough to respond to MissCrystal’s wish to let us know if the review setup is still the same or not.


Yeah, maybe it happened on that day only. I also asked my buyer concerning this issue but haven’t got a response yet. And thank you for confirming that you just a got a review. :slight_smile:


Better be careful with asking buyers anything to do with reviews.


Just got new review recently so I suppose there is no technical change. But remember not to ask your client for review.


Yup, thanks for the reminder. I only asked whether the option for a review was there or not when they accepted the delivery.