No more sale


Hi guys, recently I had many sales and now nothing !! Do you know where is it from ?


Good time on FIIVERR


My guess is Christmas has come and gone but many are on vacation and money is short this time of year. Quiet everywhere.


Sales come and go. It’s normal.


Reply to @catwriter: Their is an huge drop in order from 2-3 per day fails to 00 since from 2 months, Why…?


Reply to @irvinguchida: There’s no rule. You can increase your chances by creating the best Gigs you can, by delivering great work, and by advertising, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get orders all the time. Sometimes you’ll get many, sometimes none at all, or anything in between. It’s normal here.


Same situation for me


Me too orders aren’t coming through anymore, last year I made 2 to 4 sales a day. I make no where near that amount fiverr is loosing customers


Trouble is seller to customer ratio for your chosen gigs have increased:

as the buyers decide to try selling and you have oversupply of certain categories,

not to worry if your talented at your craft simply wait for the buyers to return or revamp your page.

Other factors like the poor support from fiverr and dodgy sellers will also have driven customers away.

This is being directly fixed by fiverr with competitions to replace lost customers, with new referrals being the key entry component of the competition.

Have you stayed in contact with your prior buyers ?

Made replies to good feedback ?

Offering up something for a “limited time only” could potentially work just don’t offer up the same thing again next month. Example my 3D modelling package(3d daz) comes with a storefront /they try to sell me 3d models each month they elect to change the advertisement to a feature of that month for example on October they had a Halloween styled set of things for sale at a certain price.