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No More Work from fiverr!


I started fiverr before 1 year and suddenly life changed from job to business.
I got too busy with too many small and large order and it was really good experience to earn money with value of my work.
peoples were happy and giving 5 stars with very awesome reviews.

BUT suddenly dont know what happen and after year and being level2 seller work stop coming in stream and only old client are coming back to me for work…
since last 2 months I am not getting any order from any new client unless I keep sending request and asking for work…
I am not sure whats matter but I am disappointed and start searching work with other websites.

Does anyone know whats matter?
I am level2 seller and have almost 100 - 5 star reviews but only even single order coming this way???
this happened suddenly!


Maybe it’s the reason. :frowning:


Same thing is happening to me! I actually just posted on the forum about that.
Ever since I became a Level 2, my sales have dropped. I still get a lot of impressions, and I’m on top of my searches, but I’m getting very few orders. I thought it was because I was going on Vacation Mode a lot, but I stopped doing that, and I still keep having the same problem.


I’m in the same boat. I just saw Fiverr’s message about improving their algorithm. Sounds like we’re not in it. I’m down to 2 orders. Let’s hope we get more, soon!


I was also going on vacation mode many times! And I was wondered that thing happened because of that reason and I stop doing that!
I think buyers only comes when they see orders in queue?
Also I am not steady in search result since last few months!


Hi surajrenuka, Sorry to hear that and it happened to most of the sellers here because of fiverr updates. They are testing and improving the service. I hope it will be resolved very soon.


Actually that’s something i am really curious about (and probably sounding very stupid in the process) - how do i see how my gigs rate as far as search results?


You can see the number of impressions you get, but I don’t think there’s a way to see how many times you’re coming up in a good place on the results :confused:


Same situation here, after a superb track in April, The last week has been deadly slow unlike the previous period for which I’ve been really grateful to fiverr. Let’s hope this is soon resolved and take advantage of this “slow” period to tweak our offers :slight_smile:


I like potential buyers to see that I have orders on my gig too, to encourage them to order. I like the idea of having a video on my gig, so, I’m going to be doing that this week.


I see your point :slight_smile: I haven’t experienced really slow times recently besides these days but when I feel there’s room for some new orders I always hit my contacts (people who buy from me) with a casual greeting message and a limited time discounted offer based on what they usually purchase. One might think that I loose $$ giving away discounts but on the contrary, I’m seeing a quite impressive conversion that adds some revenue, in addition, to having me going when things are dry :slight_smile: Videos, content tweaking, playing with the keywords might do, best of luck!


I am in the same boat. Fiverr used to a great way to earn additional income working from home. I was getting orders all the time and I wasn’t able to catch up. But now, it’s much slower and my income is declining every month. They are making so many changes that it’s actually making things worse.


@solutionshub_au @alinevieira
Some time what I do is I search in search box for my gig related key word…and check if my gig shows on first page or not?
one day I was on very last page and I changed my key words and added same key words more time in my gig description to check it it work or not, after that changes I searched same keywords again and I was in 3rd row of first page (Y)


Still no update, facing same issue, no new orders, not even in search for some keywords. Please Fiverr do something!


What do you want 5r to do?

What makes you think staff reads IMG?


Staff is surely reading our messages and definitely they’ve been doing something in this regard.


Staff reads customer support tickets.

They do not pay people to monitoring forum.

I read somewhere there is like a million sellers on 5r - I’m sure it’s bit exaggerated - but probably pretty close. Even if they do read random forum post, they aren’t going to list and promote sellers based on who post vs who doesn’t.


Do not make them comment here! lol!


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@jkhawaja27 @gina_riley2 I actually sent a message to customer support, asking about that. They just answered with a copy and paste message, saying that “they don’t guarantee sales” and told me to participate on the forums. I replied with a link to this thread, showing that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. I’m hoping they’ll read our messages.