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No names, Sellers, what was your worst client experience

I’ll start it off, I just had a client ask me for a document, and simply state they wanted 3 different figures with various details. After producing the image, (twice in fact as the first one they did not like) they then tell me that they want it for Life sized print. The subject matter printed life-sized would be nearly the size of a billboard. When I said that i regretfully cannot redo the image fully a third time, and that it was not made for life-sized print, he insulted me, claimed that he owned a design Agency, and then left horrible feedback.

As if to add insult to injury he then edited the feedback every few minutes to leave increasingly negative and hurtful comments. He was very determined to “make his point”.

I found it comical, but also unfortunate that so much of my effort and time had been wasted.

Whats your horror story?

So go ahead and refund the order, it will remove the feedback and teach the guy a lesson.

When someone sends you a job do you ask what size it needs to be printed?

If it’s more than $50, I’ll fight my horror clients tooth and nail. Less? Screw it. From what you said I think you have a good case for CS to remove the feedback. The more client work you do the better you get at spotting them, BUT sometimes you can be wrong. But when they start behaving like that, it’s time to drop them like a stone.

You just need to make sure that your client understands the services and agrees on a specific set of tasks for a defined cost.

But nothing is perfect. There’s and there always be wicked minds everywhere :slight_smile:

I don’t have a specific worst client. I’d rather say I’ve experience a specific worst kind customers that periodically happen to blindly order my gig assuming I’ll be a slave.

The kind that asks for more even if you specify on the conversation that we happen to agree on something specific. The kind that wants complex tasks done for $5. And finally, recently added this particular one, the kind that says I could have done it for a $5 when you happen to execute the task on 5mn time that you charged $10 or more for example, assuming that if it’s done that fast, it shouldn’t be something complicated.

When I sense this particular type on the other side, I usually decline doing the work. Eventually, I execute before they order, to make sure they’ll pay willingly and the easy way once a spotless work is done. And ultimately, I don’t hesitate to simply cancel the order.

Fortunately, there’s a grace period before the order is cleared. This can be used to cancel the order even after delivery. The buyer will be refunded. But I don’t know if there review is removed once the order is cancelled and fully refunded!

I had one client fairly recently who paid me $10 to rewrite his “entire website.” Granted, there wasn’t that much text on it, but still…I don’t really know what kind of quality a person expects when they are only willing to be $10 for their entire website. He sent me examples of what he didn’t like but gave really atmospheric instructions about what he did want. Something like, “Make it snappy for the kids.”

Anyway, I scheduled him like I normally do (first come, first served), but he messaged me and asked if there was any way I could have it done by a specific date. Okay, fine, I am nothing if not accommodating, but that required that I’d have to take time out of a Sunday afternoon to get this done, which is supposed to be my one day off each week. I do it, I send it over. Less than ten minutes later, he sends a modification request and just says, “I don’t like it.”

I don’t have to do anything if a client doesn’t like something, but if he’s under the impression that I didn’t follow his instructions, then maybe he can explain what he doesn’t like about it and maybe I’ll fix it. So, I ask him what he doesn’t like about it.

“I just don’t like it. Give me my money back.”

Umm…no? I just re-deliver the original doc, with a note about how I’m sorry that he doesn’t like it, but if he can’t give me any specific feedback about how it doesn’t meet his needs, there’s nothing I can do about that, and that “not liking it” isn’t grounds for a refund.

Thus begins a two-day round-robin of him hitting the modification button, demanding a refund, me re-delivering, telling him he’s not going to get a refund, him calling me some nasty words, and finally the order being cancelled by CS. He even had the gall to say that “The customer is always right, so you should give me a refund as a show of good faith.” A show of good faith? In what? Also, everything he sent to me was all-caps, which, just in general, is pretty poor online communication etiquette.

Here’s my client from hell:

I have this buyer who keeps expecting me to deliver something I don’t do. The problem is he ordered already and I can’t cancel it. I tried to cancel the order, but he refused and wants me to write the two articles, but we can’t agree on the exact topic.

At first the topics were too specific and impossible to write about. Then numerous messages later, nothing really changed.

As I said, I tried to cancel the order, but then he said he really wants to hire me. Eventually, I gave in, but that’s when the whole problem started.

Then he started asking me about infographics, although I specifically said I don’t do infographics, nor do I have a gig for them (I only do article and blog writing). Then he mentioned something how he expects his website to be ranked first after I deliver him the content. I’m like OMFG, is this guy kidding? I’m no marketer! Then I messaged him back telling him that I can’t guarantee that and asked him to specify the topics so that I know what the final deal is.

Still no answer, although I nudged him. Now the countdown is ticking and I have three more days left. I think I’ll have to cancel the order - AGAIN.

Reply to @sincere18: I ask what the image will be used for, what color mode it should be, desired size and resolution, and color palate. As well as examples, or references if they are available.

How would I refund the order, and can I be sure that would remove the feedback? I have never been in a position where I wanted to refund an order this long after its completion so I’m not sure how to do it.

Reply to @emasonwrites: sounds to me like the buyer was just acting out to get something for free. And to think he only gave $10 for it. Shame on him… Oh well, life.

Sorry to hear (Well, read…) about your unfortunate incident. Let’s just be thankful the good buyers outnumber the bad. :slight_smile: