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No negative review

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing great. I have a question one of my client cancelled an order from me because I was late and 24 hr mark was passed but there was no automatic 1-star review generated is there a new update on the website ?

Why would you get automatic 1 star? Where did you read this?

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When you don’t deliver on time and it’s the past the deadline buyer can cancel the order and you will automatically get a 1 star review saying the seller failed to deliver on time.

I understand, but I can’t seem to find that in TOS.

I see, you get auto 1* only if buyer cancels.

I think the reason is current shut down of AWS.

AWS ? What I didn’t get you ?

So will I get a negative rating or no ?

Internet is down, Fiverr site is broken. Who knows what will happen in next 30 days. Just today alone will have to be taken care of for 30 days.