No new buyer Requests Really? Im i alone?


I haven’t seen any new buyer requests since morning,… could i be alone??? I need business plans to write please,… Or transcription work ,… i will really appreciate,…


Perhaps there aren’t any buyers requesting work in that category today – or at least not yet. Or, perhaps buyers are too busy preparing for Christmas, to be purchasing plans for businesses that will soon be going into “vacation mode” for the Holidays. :wink:


Buyers should actually be issuing orders For the plans now as they head for vacation,… coming back they are sorted,… Anyway,… haven’t seen this for quite some time,… Orders flowing last month,… this month a complete Halt ,… and today no new buyer requests,…


Complete Your First Order
After that you See many Buyer Request
Send Request In American Time


There’s no regularity of orders, messages, buyers’ requests etc. - you can’t compare any month to the previous one, least of all December!

@majeedmughal - please don’t post stuff just for the sake of it if you don’t understand what’s being asked. The OP has delivered his first order, and isn’t looking to send a request - he wants to reply to them.


I think Fiverr team work on Buyer Request. In past, sellers could see all requests but now sellers only see request which are related from their gig.

And all buyer requests waiting for administration control before publish. You will see lots of them at same time in a short time :slight_smile:


True i agree ,. just that i was a bit puzzled that no business plan related posted appeared on my wall,… since 6am i have checked regularly and its constantly 44, with zero new ones ,… lemme be patient anyway,… as ADMN decides when next to release them,…


Is that to mean Dec has low sales or something? Buyers and some sellers on vacation mode.


I value your advice sending on American time,… Since we have a time difference of 8 hours that would mean waking up very early or burning the midnight candle,.


Have a look at this:


Wow what a great Advice ,… you really helped me get realistic and balanced ,…Cant help laughing a lot ",…fall into the cycle of watching TV, munching on snacks and checking your messages every couple of minutes desperately hoping for even a spam message so you can take some of your frustration out on them with a cutting response,… "

Its what i was starting to practice as a cycle,… Another day i even had no time to eat now i ahve the whole day(days),…

Thanks very Much.


Glad you found it useful! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ve got @eoinfinnegan to thank for that thread - a number of forum users have found it very helpful!


At last buyer requests,… So many like i don’t know even which ones to apply or skip,…Lol,… Overwhelming ,… 100 Active buyer requests,.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


i cudnt see any buyer request in my buyer request page whts wrong ? please help me someone