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No new clients from the last month


So after working very hard for 4 months staying awake for 24*7 communicating well doing phenomenal work this is what we get. My gig is stuck on the last page from the last month now some of you will come and say that fiverr does not guaranty gigs position and i agree! They say whoever performs better will get better position but i have seen people with bad reviews and only few review on 1st page , not even that level two sellers with more then 500 reviews and even top rated sellers are facing this issue this new algorithm is terrible I don’t copy i work from scratch I have always worked for fiverr from my heart please someone help :frowning:


I will help you… Stop doing this :arrow_down: :roll_eyes:


Ten orders in the last four weeks. 7 in the last 7 days.
Why do you say “no new orders from the last month”?


i am referring to new clients here have been getting work from old clients after offering 70% discount!!!


Again. Why do you say “no new orders from the last month”?


What i already said no new clients :confused:


You said “orders”:


But now i just changed it can’t you see ?