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No New Offers. Please Help me



In the offers section, an error appears:

"You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!"

No body makes manual orders to my Profile. I am in extreme trouble. work is stopped. Please help me. How can I overcome this problem? The customer who down-rated is not replying now.


You have less than 90% positive rating, so as the error says, you cannot make new offers. It’s not a bug or something for Customer Support, it’s normal. The only way to fix it is to get quite a few higher ratings (preferably full 5 stars) and slowly it will rise back to 90% or more. it’s important to do anyway because you also won’t be able to gain levels with a lower rating.


i m having the same truble over hear i might die tring


I am




Edit : I am having the same trouble over a year; I might die trying!


You have less than 90% positive rating, because buyer offer sent problem? please help me solution.


Hello, Please wait and published your gig. When you invited or automatic order from buyer and get 5 star review on these buyer and increase your average rating is upto 90 percent then you again sent custom offer. So now more share your gig social media. I hope your problem is solved very soon. Thanks


Contact customer support and ask them to delete your profile, then join Fiverr again (with other email address).

Also, take care to notify Fiverr that you want to “restart” (to avoid later problems).