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No new orders in February? Many sellers are complaining!

Many sellers have the same problem. they have no new orders in February! ?
here are the forum links (in last two days):

Forgive me, for being so detailed, but I am advisable and I am trying to solve the obvious problem here! :()

-I also have the same problem! What’s happening?

I have 160 orders done for last 2 years had no problems!

It’s all started a week ago, since the fiver introduced new rules to push the level of sellers down. I was a salesman of level 2 and level 1 and now I’m without any level.
I had regular orders and now I have NOTHING for a week now!

Fiverr, whats happening???

-Also no more the buyer requests like untiul 3 days ago…?


I think this is a needless duplication of mine. In fact this is the second duplication of my post, one by someone else. I hope people can please stop making posts on this same subject for at least a week.

The posts you copied are not related to each other!

One is new, one is begging for help and tips, two havn’t had a sale in two months, one is complaining about losing a level, etc.


Yes I also have vanished from the search results! It is insane I have 5 star after 5 star and work very long hours to make sure that perfection is met and my gig just vanishes off the face of Fiverr .

Im now being out ranked on the search engine by sellers with less experience then me and they have multiple orders.

This is sad what is going on Fiverr I’m losing hope about to just quit this already!


dont worry dear. deleted.

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I have 5* too. The same story.
I was seller level 2 and now level 0! ???

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I have same condition this is true fiverr now new rules that effect on every account


My fiverr stats.

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:slight_smile: Oh it’s so good :smiley:

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This is the reason why did I drop two levels down??


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Wait, your order completion and on-time delivery are below 90% and you’re wondering why are you not getting orders? :thinking:

If your impressions and views have gone down then this might be the reason. There are plenty of sellers with better stats so most likely Fiverr promotes their gigs more than yours.


If you have for example ten orders in 60 days you cannot afford to be late on delivery, or cancel one. With so few orders, each one is very important that everything is correct.

Fiverr will not show seller’s gigs prominently that perform so poorly when so many others don’t have this problem.

In the past 30 days with 5 orders and 1 cancellation your level will drop.

Madam ! in buyers requirement have no work ! and if the work is putting into buyers requirement section the time comes in our place (IST 3.00 am) Before I did not face it . My last two buyers did not get time to write their valuable feed back ! But they expressed to happy on my work. Hence you say what is the solution! Still I am doing enough social marketing and personally interacting with people to bring the work in Fiverr. Let’s I can do only hope :slight_smile: for good amount of work as last year.

There are always many sellers complaining.
Go back through the forum and you will always find people saying “No sales in January/Feb/March etc”.
What I always find interesting about those who complain about having no orders is that none of them list the ways they have tried to boost their sales.
On the other hand, the people who do not complain about having no sales (because they do) are those who suggest that people work on promoting themselves, adding gigs, editing existing ones etc.


It really, REALLY depends.
Some people have less sales, others are getting a lot.

In December I had a pretty darn “dry” month, but right now I’m running around like a
headless chicken with my tail on fire with a pack of mad dogs chasing me.
There are also a lot of posts saying stuff like “I delivered my first order!” “I completed my 10th order!” type of stuff.

There is a possibility for the people who are not getting orders to be running
around like a chicken next month.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Ha Ha Ha

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Would this be true also for someone with all green? Never dropped below 97% all of mine show green and I have disappeared been like this for a month!

I did look for your top gig and it’s not on the first 4 pages of your category.

How do you have 14 orders in your queue? How are they finding you?

Also your Instagram gig has many recent great reviews but is not appearing under the first four pages for keyword “instagram” so how are these buyers finding you?
That looks like a very competitive keyword.

Somehow you are doing very well in spite of being invisible.

I have same condition this is true fiverr now new rules that effect on every account

Sadly, it effect to me too. The sales drop very drastic. I blame to myself.

All the experts here facing the problems. But what about them those who are new like me? Don’t mind I have joined the forum for some suggestions. But here is also frustrations. How could I go far in the race dears?