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No new Orders/Message

Hello, I created my 1st gig 2 months ago. When my gig was new buyers knocked me a lot and I converted them as an order. Successfully I completed my 5 orders with 3 different clients. But nowadays I can’t get any new message/ knock from buyers.

Can you suggest me what is the main problem? Also please suggest me, How can I rank my gig in an organic way?

Here is my gig URL:

Thank you very much.


If you were able to complete 5 orders within a few days of creating a Gig, why do you assume there’s a problem?

Most new sellers would give their right arm to enjoy such success. To me, it sounds like your Gig must be pretty good.


Not getting orders doesn’t mean there’s a problem. Sellers experience dips in sales all the time - some go weeks or months without orders.

Also please suggest me about my gig ranks



Thanks for your valuable reply. But ratio is almost 0. I got more message when I was new but now there is no message from new buyers. Thank you.

Please suggest me some organic way, so that gig can rank. Also please check my gig image. Is it perfect or not? Thank you for your reply.

Are you asking me how you get your gig onto the first page?

Because I can’t tell you how to do that. No one can - none of us know what Fiverr’s algorithm is. We just know that they rotate gigs in search. As for your gig image, it’s good as far as I can tell. Clear, immediately lets me know exactly what you’re selling.


Thank you so much for valuable information. :slight_smile:

Have you had out of office on at all since those 5 orders? I find that it takes ages to recover after using out of office even for a day. No idea why this happens. Just something I’ve noticed.

Two things, what are your gig analytics like?

Secondly, are buyers likely to be searching for ‘I Will Create Landing Page Or Full Website Using Elementor Pro’ or is it more liklely they’d be looking for ‘Landing Page creation’…

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No, I was always active. I didn’t use the Out of office.

Yes, That’s a great suggestions. Thanks a lot.

One issue may be low demand.

Elementor Pro comes with many, many beautiful, well-branded landing pages for all sorts of niches and they are very easy to customize. So I’m not sure why someone would pay you to create something they can download. If there is a specific reason – say you design for a specific niche or branding or business goal – that needs to be clear and in-demand and oriented to that target audience and goal. Right now it isn’t. You just say you complete the task of making the page. You don’t say anything about the value or quality of your work or who it is for.

It’s a huge mistake to try to be everything to everyone, especially when you have hundreds, if not thousands of competitors on Fiverr alone. Specializing and targeting a goal and clientele with low-competition and high-demand can help you attract and acquire business.

Another issue is your rate. You are doing an incredible amount of tasks, all of which require a great deal of steps, for very, very little money. People are going to be skeptical of your quality and legitimacy for that reason alone.

You’re doing too many things in one gig.

Finally, a lot of the tasks you complete require you accessing sensitive information and resources. A lot of people aren’t going to be comfortable doing that with a Fiverr seller.


Sir, How much time we should wait for First order?:face_with_head_bandage:

Thanks for your clear explanation. I will research more and try to be unique. Many many thanks. :heart_eyes:

It depends. Be active and research more. Hopefully, you will get your 1st order very soon. Thank you.

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Sir? Really??

And there is no magic answer. It depends on many factors. Do your research to learn your business as we have done.


@humanissocial Sorry ma’am I’m new at Fiverr! Forgive me!

Your gig looks really good, man! I’m sure the orders will come eventually…


I agree with him that your gig looks good. You will receive incoming orders for sure.


Hi there, i check your page its totally fine :slight_smile:

No one answer better than you on your gig, better do some trial error on your gig to get best result - just my view

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