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No new orders or queries for past two months

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here and please forgive me if this isn’t the right section to post.

I have been working on fiverr since march of this year and by the grace of ALLAH Almighty, I was doing amazing as I believe in delivering above and beyond clients’ expectation and it seemed to work.a

Now for the past couple of months, things here on fiverr have been really bumpy as I haven’t received a single new message from any new potential client. I have a few repeating clients but my profile has really taken a nose dive.

Also, the stats are weirdly dropping where they should be improving. I have delivered every order on time since past three months and yet they dropped from 94 percent to 89 then back to 90 and then 70 percent which resulted in getting my both badges taken down ( level 1 and level 2 )

I am at the point where I feel I should really find another way to work as fiverr hasn’t been helping much in terms of sales as I do this full time.

Any experiences or suggestions similar to this will be appreciated and I hope that you have a wonderful day ahead!



Hello brother, I was also facing this problem. I was getting 0 new client message in last 1.5 month. But I was take patience. And Yesterday I was get a new client message. You should also take patience.

I have been very patient. The thing is all my stats are going down even though I delivered everything on time with 5 stars rating. The clients I have now are my repeating clients, I meet all requirements to be a level 2 seller and almost match the criteria for a top seller but as soon as the evaluation period is near, the stats drop. It was at 89 in August, it went to 70 in a day in September and then back to 94 and then 73 now. This has been the issue which hinders me from gaining a level and they don’t seem to understand or fix this.

Again, everything delivered on time and with amazing ratings. It just sucks being in a position where you depend completely on a platform and they don’t even care.


same problem with me

Same here. I am also facing same problem