No...! No way but it is happening


Hello guys,
Yesterday I had a very bad situation with :dizzy_face:

I had completed an order with a buyer 5 MONTHS ago but unfortunately that order was cancelled yesterday. The dispute was opened via PayPal and Fiverr deduced $38 from my available revenues. I know the chargebacks are normal in online system but after 5 MONTHS…?? No way. It is very frustrating. Right?


Have you completed this order and have you delivered your work on this order - 5 months ago?



Yeah it is…:rage:
But I’ve gone through a thread in which OP told that order was cancelled after 3 years.


Of course!! I did…


What!! after 3 years? Oh my…
This is not good for any sellers here. There should be a limit.


Huh? I thought that the time period in which a chargeback can be made is 6 months. No more than that. (?)


Yes.I don’t remember the title of thread now .[quote=“hi5_fiver, post:5, topic:110725”]
There should be a limit.



Yes, I agree Fiverr need to block refund after 2 weeks!

Also have you contacted Fiverr support and also contact buyer ??



yes, agreed
Yes, I agree Fiverr need to block refund after 2 weeks!

Also have you contacted Fiverr support and also contact buyer ??



PayPal allows chargebacks up to 6 months after payment. There is nothing Fiverr or any other site who accepts PayPal can do about this except dispute them with evidence. Fiverr has successfully disputed chargebacks for some sellers so it may be worth contacting support with the details.

I have never heard of a chargeback or cancellation after 3 years; the only way this could be possible (but still unlikely) is if a stolen card was used at the time and has only been discovered recently.


Oh, there is a 6 month limit.
Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile:


Yes, I will contact the Fiverr CS to know the reason.
However the buyer account is blocked by Fiverr.


This is not happen only with you. After chargeback, you also lost your 5 star review too. After contact support Fiverr can’t do anything just they can block him. For this, I am also always stay unsafe to do any work. It’s always pain me. I see this problem have in before too but haven’t any solution still now from Fiverr.I request to Fiverr again please safe us from bad buyer. Hope Fiverr will take a proper step as soon as possible.


This is mine.



I think Fiverr will try to do something for us… It should be a limit… Please try to protect us…

Thank You


They can do something against chargebacks, but the outcome isn´t sure or guaranteed, see Fiverr’s ToS:

 Fiverr reviews cases of payment provider chargebacks and disputes on behalf of sellers. Although results vary per case due to each chargeback reason, we work hard on resolving disputes in the seller’s favor. If the chargeback case allows, Fiverr will return parts or full revenue back to sellers.

Regarding the time chargebacks are possible, this is a quote from a PayPal page:

The maximum time a buyer has to file a chargeback with their credit card company is typically 120 days after the expected delivery of the agreed goods or services. Certain exceptions may apply.


Really? Fiverr informed me yesterday that when we refund order, we don’t lose the rating we got, good or bad, so this is outrageous.


That is frustrating, I’m lucky that in my career on Fiverr this has only happened once, but not 5-months after the order was completed, maybe 2-weeks after.

I’ve heard of cases where the buyer had a stolen credit card, so a lot of people got burned, not just you. But usually is buyers that don’t want to deal with Fiverr CS. If that’s the case, I’m hoping Fiverr is banning them from the system.


But I lost both of $ and 5 star rating some months ago.