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No notifications for new messages when an order is marked as completed


I wanted to shed some light on this issue once again because I feel it really needs to be adjusted.

Let me present you with a different scenario:

I deliver. The buyer is happy and marks the order as completed - hwoever wishes for something additionally (for example the PSD). “Amazing logo, love it, but can I purchase the PSD as well?”. As the order is already marked as completed, I, the seller, do not get any type of notification whatsoever, and I miss out on this message - resulting in either a negative feedback for not being responsive OR loss of potential income - for both me AND Fiverr.

Fiverr, you’re also losing money.

So yeah … I really would advise you to look into this. For both yours, buyers and sellers sake.



Good suggestion, but… Fiverr developers may never see it here.

Send it as a request to Fiverr customer support.


Already done :slight_smile: But there’s also a reason for posting on forums, hopefully the more members that shed light on this the more attention will we get from Fiverr :slight_smile: