No Notifications



Seriously. What is up with the notification system? I log on and “surprise!”, you have a new order. NO email. Nothing. This is a recurring problem. How many tickets do I need to create and why is it not PERMANENTLY fixed? I have now extended the dates of every gig (lowering my chance of a buyer ordering) to try to accommodate this.

Then, all of a sudden, I get about 10-15 notifications all at once. Some of which say they were posted 1 day ago. That green light is blinking but no emails were sent out. No, I do not use Hotmail.

I am CONSTANTLY trolling my inbox. Reading and re-reading old and new messages. I have to “unarchive” old messages to check that a new one isn’t “hidden” in there. Sometimes I find them, but worse, sometimes I don’t. I have to keep a record of which emails I have reread so when I log back in, I can “pick up where I left off”. This happens several times a day since there is no guarantee that an old message I read 2 hours ago doesn’t suddenly have an unannounced reply to it. Suffice to say, I don’t get through them all.

Why can’t a buyer send a new, original message? At least it might show up on (or close to) the day it was created so I might see it at the top of the inbox. I am wasting my time checking my personal email inbox as well as Fiverr’s inbox for messages that don’t exist but will show up ALL AT ONCE some time in the future.