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No oders but why

No oders in these days why?


I thought you were recently bragging and giving advices to other sellers on how to get orders and that you were getting loads of orders in every day. :woman_shrugging:
So you tell us why are you not getting any orders anymore.


Sometimes luck matters more than hardworking

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No it’s not luck. You don’t really have a business If you mean being hardworking is only fulfilling orders that fiverr sending your way.
No business will survive hoping and relying on someone else to send orders their way. That’s not the best business model and sooner or later it will fail. Like it’s failing for you right now because you didn’t do anything else apart from sitting and waiting for orders to come by themselves.


Recently? All the time. :roll_eyes:


In that case, sit back. Chill, have a beer. Light up a cigarillo. Lady luck will be along soon to make everything A-okay… Hopefully. :sweat_smile:


You have to be patient, hope you will get soon @syedsibtyhasan1

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Luck is not a valid business strategy. If you want to be successful, work, research, experimentation, marketing, etc are the only ways to get there.


You have posted many topics telling others how to get orders.

You have also posted many topics on how many orders you got in various time periods.

Suggest you revisit whatever you did to get so many orders on so many days etc.

It could not all have been due to luck!


yeah.I think its true

You only who can know why, because there are many possibilities, you have the gig stats, try to analyse it.