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No offers left

I just offered my gig to a buyer request, and now I got no offers left.

When can I offer again?

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the same thing happen to me. i waited 24 hours to apply again and the same thing happen. it seem like we only get to apply for one buyer request per-day

Yes, at this level we have only one offer, at level one we get three and at level 2 five!

Newbie = 1 offer

Level 1 = 3 offers

Level 2 = 5 offers

Top Rated Seller = 10 offers

Just level up and you’ll get more. :slight_smile:

hey friends,

I got no orders since a week ,i cant level up…

Buyers on the list doesn’t match to my gig…

please share your ideas , tips on how can I improve visibility and attract more buyers would be awesome!!!

Thank you,

Applique.M :frowning:

thank you kjblynx…

Fiverr, cut that crap and let us work.

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Even the message board is slow and garbage. I’m just waiting for a better website to go to, the actual website is nothing but an annoyance. The people on it however, are cool!

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You chose a post that’s been dead for two years to say that a message board is “slow and garbage”? I laughed.

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I am level-2 seller and i send daily 10 offers only. Thanks

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Um… What crap was Fiverr doing in 2013 that prevents you from working now? Vacation Mode prevents you from working but I don’t think Fiverr switched it on for you. :wink:

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24 hours I guess. I too get 10 offers a day.

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Hi! is this criteria started since early today? i am surprised i am not offering since long time but my response 100% completed 100% and deliver on time 100%. Rating at 5. I am level 2 seller. Today i am showing no offer left. Is this server problem or we are banned?



There have been many posts on this. There is a bug going on and the team is working on it. Please research things before asking.


It passed 24 hours but I can’t get any offer till now what i can do?

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This topic is from 2013.

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

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what do you want to buy ???

the thread is 7 years old…

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