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No offers yet, but still optimistic

Is it cool for not getting any offers for last 6days…:sweat_smile:


That’s possible, especially in a niche with a lot of competition. In the meantime make sure to improve your GIG’s and look for advice (I guess that’s why you are posting in the improve my gig section).

You did not share a gig, however, could you link us one?


hah… don’t worry :smiley: I am in the same situation ! Everything gets better ! Just gotta be optimistic !!!

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Don’t worry it happens to me on and off too. I do things like read over my gigs and profile description. I fix grammar, make the gig clearer and more faqs. Change my profile description to fit me more accurately. Observe my prices and delivery time and see if I should change it, whether temporary or to a new standard. Then do things like search buyer request and scope the forums out to see if there’s any advice new to me. Read on how others do it and get motivated to forever change as an entrepreneur to keep up with how frequently trends change.


Same here .I am on zero.

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No worry brother , cuz I I wanna see how long this buyer gonna ignore us…

As you are a new seller all of your Gigs should have $5 as a starting price.