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No one accept my buyer request

I’m sending buyer requests every day but not getting any order :pensive:
This is how i sending msg :-
(Dear sir/ms,
I will create you nice flyer/business card for you.
High quality output,fast delivery ,unlimited revision and more
Thank you,
Damithboss )

Please somebody tell me is there any thing wrong??

hey Damith,

In your offers, it should not general but should more specific. because you sending an offer means you already know the requirement of that customer because most of the times, they(customer) explain their requirement in buyer request offers, rather than saying “I need a graphic designer” or something like that. so you should target that requirement and express how suitable you are to complete that specific job in according to get order towards you!

So try sending that kind of specific offers with time and the minimal budget you can, so hopefully you gonna get some orders soon.

Good luck for your business!


Thank you very much for your information :+1:

You are welcome! :wink:

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Don’t ever use copy/paste or template offers.

Don’t use the words “Sir” or “Ms” or even “Ma’am, Madam, Mr.” etc. No gender-specific words should ever be used for potential buyers or buyers.

Proofread your offers carefully. Making a spelling or grammar error can cause buyers to think you aren’t capable. It is less important with gigs like graphic design or coding, but it still turns off some buyers. At least make sure your translation is pretty good and run your text through a Word checker plus Grammarly.


Exactly. here’s extra icing for my cake. :grinning:


The trick is to get right to the point.

“Hi, I will design a logo for your BBQ restaurant and deliver it in 5 days.”

That way the buyer knows you read his/her request, knows what you do, know you’re not just spamming every request.

Also, try to sound more human and less salesly when you write an offer. “High quality output,fast delivery ,unlimited revision and more” sounds more like an ad than an offer. That’s my opinion, I could be wrong.


Thanks for your information @fastcopywriter @fonthaunt


Don’t use Word like “Dear”, “Sir” , “Ms”. You can say “Hi” or “Hello”.

Send proposal without any grammar errors. Do not use template for proposal.

Describe how you will go through the project.

Try to make your proposal stand out from other’s


Thank’s to All…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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